Time Travel Photography

Alright, I was just thrown a serious surprise. My uncle had some rolls of film at his house that he thought were probably from the early 90's. Turned how he was correct. The rolls looked as if they hadn't been shot, they looked brand new with the film sticking out and everything.

Turns out they had been exposed once on my cousin's 6th birthday which was in 1997. I exposed those rolls again, nearly 20 years later. Weirdest part about it, I found myself in one of the images.

Here is my cousin Olivia in 1997 and the inside of Kelly's Olympian which is a bar in Portland, Oregon.

Some images weren't very distorted but still had subtle traces of 1997 in them!

A man sleeping on the max with my uncle David sucking down a cig with a sweet calculator watch as well. Interesting that they happened to be attached at the ass. 

This is one where an 8-year old me is lingering. I'm directly on to the right of that foreground post. And charmingly enough there is a homeless individual roasting in 100-degree weather, passed out and fondling their member.

This the definition of flower children.

Notice the retro diet Coke up and the sweet Rugrats party decorations.

I am actually incredibly impressed with how well the colors came out with the majority of these photos. It was an old roll of Fuji HG 200. 

This was on a roll of Kodak Gold 100. John Morgan, a cat that is long since dead, and a textured davenport!

This was my cousin's old dog, Hailey, mixed with a random shot of downtown Portland. Not sure what I was even shooting in this one... but it could have been a misfire. 

Spencer Knuttila