Go Skate Day 2016

"But, every day is 'go skate day'..." Yeah, whatever... it is still fun to indulge in the celebrations that June 21st brings about every year. Once again the street in front of the Wieden+Kennedy building downtown was blocked off, obstacles to skate were built, beer was a plenty, and shit got weird. I had a roll of Fuji Superia 800 on me and here is what came about.

Johnny Turgesen, Colin Sharp, and Wally Inouye chatting it up.

Crews trying to film for some promo work. 

You already know, Elias Parise out on the scene. David Gravette following behind to get something filmed.

Mike Davis rolled through and got the homies pumped. 

Jess Mudget slammed some Redbull, grew wings, and flew.

Some weird stuff started happening, but, that is usually the case once people start drinking beer. 

Jess and Lorenzo post session.

Another year in the books and a lot to look forward to next year.

Spencer Knuttila