Coastal Times

If you grow up near a coast then chances are that going there was one of the things you really looked forward to as a kid. My daughter loves it out there so when we have the opportunity to go out, we do! My friend After I ran out of film my friend Anthony let me use a roll of Polaroid 200 35mm film that he had on him. Here are a few shots!

I'm kind of excited for Amelie to get older and have some film photos of her to reflect on. Kids are going to have to get photos of their childhoods from Instagram or Facebook; it will be cool for Amelie to get to look back at film photos like most people up until her generation did. 

Going to the beach in Gearhart is awesome. Being able to drive along the coast in the sand for, what seems like as long as you like, is something everyone should do.

Spencer Knuttila