Kentmere 400? Not bad...

I haven't really seen much online about Kentmere film. For the record, Kentmere is made by Harman Technologies, the creators of Ilford products. It is not, however, a repackaged version of Ilford film.  I haven't shot with the 100 yet but I'm pretty pleased with the results (and the low price) of the Kentmere film that I have shot so far.

As long as you have decent light and proper exposure the sailing is pretty smooth. I was expecting a lot of grain but I actually liked how my shots came out, for the most part, and this is about the level of grain I normally prefer.

The above image is a quick example of how the film turns out with a bit of a dull / underexposure.  Not great, not horrible... something you could likely work around. 

Spencer Knuttila