Fight for your right to protest

Me working in downtown Portland often leads me to winding up around protests. Not really by choice, though, I often support the message, but just because they tend to link up around 5pm when everyone is getting off of work. This particular day of protest was on the "National Day of Outrage," or something of that nature. Again, I can't be certain because I only attended because a.) I always have a camera and b.) they were blocking the transit lines that I take home. It was a nice excuse to get a beer and observe some civil disobedience.

This, however, was not pleasant to see. For whatever reason this fellow wound up needing to be detained. Chants amongst the crowd began to rise; calls to keep racism and racial profiling out of our police forces. In the end it didn't do much good. 10 plus cops rallied together, at one point almost dogpiling this man, and hauled him off into a police vehicle. Of course there was an Evangelical Preacher there calling everyone "faggots" and basically preaching that mythological nonsense of being "holier than thou."

Speak of the devil, this was him. The kid on the right, who couldn't have been more than 16 years of age, outspoke the preachers hate speech and was just telling everyone to "love one another and do good." I back that. 

I'm not going to pretend to know 100% what the protest was entirely about. However, this should spell it out fairly easily. There were a lot of calls to end labor in prisons and penitentiaries that were specifically designed to increase profits for the corporations in question; AT&T being one of them. At this point there was a demonstration going on inside of an AT&T retailer which displayed slaves building products.

Portland's boys in blue came out in full force and couldn't wait to start enforcing the law. Fortunately, all they ended up doing was forming a big line and making threats. Here are some of the photos from the showdown. 

Spencer Knuttila